Snapshots of the Revolution’s Diary – مقتطفات من ايام الثورة

Everyone who lived the honorable Egyptian Revolution of January 2011, can tell the story from their very own perspective. Everyone has witnessed something in a different way than the other. But what gathered us all, and perhaps was the reason behind its success, is our unity around one basic goal – Victory.

No matter what, how, when, or where; we are not leaving THIS place – Tahrir Square – before we end this corrupted regime that has been eating our lives away, completely.

I couldn’t sleep over at Tahrir Square, but I have been there most of the time. I’m not a photographer, so I haven’t taken pictures. They’re all in my head, a series of memories that I shall never forget no matter how old I became, how many kids I get, where I live, or how I shall die. These moments are craved in my mind and I shall carry them with me on and on for the rest of my life.

My life has definitely changed in eighteen days. My dreams are clear. My goals are defined. And my principles are deepened. I am more patient. I am persistent. I much more cherish the gift of life I got. And I have infinite belief, that no matter how hard is the thing I want to get, I will get it, no matter how impossible it seems to be. No matter how dark life became. No matter how hard things get. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is not worth a try till the end.

At points I thought it’s worthless, but then I realized that it so much deserved the sacrifice we gave.

That is the revolutionary spirit that I acquired.

The few words below are simple words – in Arabic, and in English – I wrote on different days within the Revolution – once before I go to sleep, once from Tahrir square, one time when I was just about to lose hope, and on the same day when we snatched victory out of the Dictator’s flesh.

I picked some of them, they defined me.

Day 8 – اليوم الثامن:

كانت الأيام القليلة الماضية عصيبة… لم استطع ان أدون فيها كل ما حدث.لأننا كنا مشغولون بإصرارنا على نجاح ثورتنا وتوصيل صوتنا. وطنية جارفة و حب عاصف لهذا الوطن مصر.
ولكن الديكتاتور مازال متمسك بمقعده، لا يآبه بشَعبه الذي أصر على رحيله. و بدلا من ان يحترم عجزه وكبر سنة، وكره الشعب له والذى أحاطه من كل اتجاه، فيأخذ قرار الحكماء بالرحيل، والاعتذار لأبناء بلده على الشهداء الذين قدموهم بسبب عبث حراسه، قرر ان يتشبث بملك زائل، وحرس فاسد، ومال طائل. وشعب منهك القوى، مستبد، مقهور، بكل طموحاته و طاقاته مهدور.
الشعب الأن منتصر و أنت المهزوم. أنا فوق عرش العالم وأنت نقصت أمام كل الشعوب. فالكل كان يصدق كذبتك انك الرئيس المحبوب، والأن الكل يعرف انك من خان الوعود. مفضوح.
تركك كل أعوانك الفاسدين وهربوا كحزمة من الفراخ المرتعدة من صياح الصائحين. وحيداً بين أشراف الوطن الذين هبوا كالجبل الثائر بين وديان الصمت، وديان الخوف والموت واليأس.
8 أيام تسمع شعبك يصيح: إرحل! وما انت براحل. متعالي كالحمار إذا قلد الخيل فى شموخه; سقط على ظهره وما قام; فيضرب برصاصة الرحمة والى قبره ينساق.
يا متشبث بملكك الزائل، يا باعث الفتن في وسط سرب الحمام الأبيض الطاهر. أذكرك بأنك ومن معك من الخائنين ذوي الضَمائر الفاسدة، والفوائد المتعفنة، بأنك منتهى من القاع أتيت، والى القاع تذهب. فغَدا يموت الخائن، وبعد غد يموت باعث الفتنة; ثم يحيا الشعب.

“ويمكرون ويمكر الله، والله خير الماكرين”

ارحل يا صغير

Day 13 – اليوم الثالث عشر:

Currently at Tahrir Square. I can sense a spirit filling the air. Of people walking with their heads raised up high. Smiling. Hopeful. I hope they never get down again. I hope they go home victorious. For the blood of our Martyrs, victory to Egypt.

Day 17 – اليوم السابع عشر:

Its 6 am now… Heading to bed is never an easy option these days when I know there are heroes out there sleeping in the square… On beds of asphalt covered by the sky. Its February which means the coldest month of the year in Egypt. I can’t sleep knowing that tomorrow awaits the hugest protest, where Angels of this country shall meet cursed Demons… And only the credibility of the military shall be tested then. I hope for peace and well being of my people. I hope that the dictator would fall down and break. I was only asking for a safe, peaceful and democratic country. And there is absolutely no turning point in that.

Day 18 – اليوم الثامن عشر:

We did it.
لو لم أكن مصرياً, لوددت ونزلت بوست تراب الأرض لأكن مصرياً
“If I wasn’t Egyptian, I would’ve kneeled on the ground and kissed the earth to become one.”

Yes we did. Eighteen sleepless days  – our only food was hope, and our only weapon was peace.

My name is Dina Farid, and I’m Proud to be A Free Egyptian.


2 thoughts on “Snapshots of the Revolution’s Diary – مقتطفات من ايام الثورة

  1. Dina, this is a very special page, your words have made it feel alive, I was speechless when I first read it, you never cease to amaze me .
    what world are you from? please tell me, because it must be a wonderful place full of hope, joy and happiness.
    how did you put up with me for so long ? you gave me all your valuable time and you never abandoned me.
    how can you hold all that beauty and love inside and not yet found it for yourself ? it hurts me when I think about it.

    you have gained a special place in my heart and I will remember you until the day I die.

    Love you Dina xx

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