Time, from the Blinking’s angle.

.a story that happened only in the mind.

Its like every feeling is timed with us!
All those breathtaking moments wish if they could last forever. And no matter how long they lasted in reality, they’re all only a matter of seconds in the memory!

I wish that love and happiness would last forever, with every breath I take…

She: I want to dance… Real slow…

He: (plays soft music, gets outside the car to her door, opens it and gently holds her hand) Care for a dance?

She: Promise I won’t fall in love with u? There’s a 50/50 chance that I will!
Or u will!

He: There’s a 50/50 chance for us to be alive tomorrow… And right now there’s only a 100% chance that this moment is happening and is worth a try…

Agreeing, she comes out of the car, he holds her hand & waist gently, she surrounds him with her charm. They dance real slow under the moonless sky, the shimmering stars sending rays of delight as the slow winds angelically carries their souls above the earthly ground… They’re Starstruck…
She closes her eyes and gently lays her head on his chest, he smiles as their heartbeats mix to the sound of music.

The song finishes and the couple separate…

He: I hope that was up to your expectations, ma’am!
She: (A smile, a sigh and a long pause) thinking to herself: Sigh! It’s sad that breathtaking moments never last. You get to feel them but you’re unallowed to exceed them.
Eventually all a bird has to do after flying high, is getting back to the ground…

She curtseyed him, continued smiling and like an 18th century fair lady got back into the car.

The End.

You can’t stay in the sky forever. But the moment you lived, and the love you felt, shall be a memory cherished forever.

Maybe they fell in love. Maybe not. But they didn’t miss their 100% chance of living.

Live to love. Love to live.


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