Lines of My Random Thoughts (Part Ah)

“A Man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” – Gandhi 

These thoughts were collected from my writings. Italics represent thoughts of other people who influenced me. The rest are mine. A personal belief is: When thoughts are shared, they might be of help to others who will relate and learn from a past experience. Might be of fun, or a new perspective or window to life, especially if they’re coming from a different point of view than yours.

I like the words: Difference, Diversity, Brainstorming, and Sharing. Putting them together will give taste and meaning to life.

Here we go:

1- My own Theory/Definition of Love: ‘Is the dude where all your concerns/troubles/problems melt down once been told about, even if nothing has actually changed’

2- Sushi is the official food of Heaven.

3- You can fool some people sometimes, But you can’t fool all the people all the time. – Bob Marley

4- First: Armstrong-NASA Dream@10, then Isaac Newton when I was 12, & Einstein@High School(E=mc2<3). Then Gandhi & Lennon for how they portrait PEACE – one musically, & the other patriotically. Then came SUPERTRAMP with their spirit lifting music, followed by Pink Floyd with all the Teenage Psyche. Then the genius Jim Morrison. How can I then settle for an ordinary man, if all the above where my lifetime inspirer’s? sigh…

5- Floating down through the clouds, Memories come rushing up to meet me now. But in the space between the heavens and the corner of some foreign field, I had a dream. – Pink Floyd, The Gunners Dream

6- Why is it that when you miss somebody so much that your heart is ready to disintegrate, you always hear the saddest song ever on the radio? – The Adventures of Pete & Pete

7- Now you know me, don’t judge me before you know my story…

8 – I don’t want someone to come give me wisdom advices, cause I know all advices, and I don’t wanna follow them! I need someone to come take me close to their heart, and simply say that everything is going to be okay. Even if deep inside, he knew they won’t – that’s the kind of security I expect from a man.

9- I have left the company of the living before I am dead. There shall be no more hope nor regrets. No more evil, no high hopes. Go! just leave me alone. Everyone F*off please-you’re all either too shallow or pretending to be too deep. But NO ONE is God so please WAKE UP! We’re only human and all we do is break me and you. I have failed to understand this show. So I’ll roll down the curtains, wave goodbye and go…

10- Things happen for a reason even if it results in us being unhappy for a bit.

11- I am not lost, I’m just undiscovered. – James Morrison

12- I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps, “Oh look at that!” Then – whoosh, and I’m gone… and they’ll never see anything like it ever again… and they won’t be able to forget me – ever. – Jim Morrison

13- It’s not about your shit, it’s about your method!

14- If you want to know the Quality of a man, observe how generous he spends when he’s least rich. If you want to know the Morals of a man, observe how kind he acts in his peak moments of anger.

15- Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk past you again? – Anonymous.

16- I would rather say the truth, stay true, be perfectly honest, faithful, kind, and sincerely loyal, and get stabbed in the back and die, than be the opposite of any of these and live.

17- I love you from the bottom of my dreams…

18- Where do all your Dreams end? At the end of the Universe… What’s beyond that? Is something surely bigger than our everyday problems. That’s where we can all pour our troubles away, and still find some huge space to breathe. I dream of the end of the Universe. I dream of you from the bottom of my imagination.

19- And I quote my best friend: “Why not? Maybe all of them would happen, probably not tomorrow, but someday they just might :)” Then I quote my best Albert Einstein: “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” —- Patience. (In 2011, I can tell you now that Patience, have made this line worthwhile, it makes me smile, cause all my problems regarding this era, were solved:).

20- Diving in the realms of the real. And doing unwell.

21- You can’t get into the bubble even if you’re allowed to look inside! (In 2011, still living in the same bubble, couldn’t get rid of it, sadly!)

22- A goal without a plan is just a wish. – Antoine De Saint-Exupery

23- Fall seven times, stand up eight. – Anonymous.

24- I have breathed September’s breeze, finally!

25- And this will be the ambition after my final ambition… Have you realized your post-final ambition?

26- When God closes a Door, he opens a Window. It’s not as big and wide as the door, and you can’t get out of it, yet you can still look through it at the vast sky and breathe hope. This is God’s mercy on me.

27- I always knew that looking back on my tears would some day make me laugh, but I never knew that looking back on my laughter would some day make me cry. I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. And although I smile & seem care free, there is no one who misses you more than me…

28- “… When the seas turn into deep swallowing graves, and the skies lighten up with their loudest furious rage, and the wind turns into thick fog that suffocate: Don’t give up on hope, tie a knot at the end of the rope. Hang on, don’t frustrate; and remember that when you have let gone too early, returning back was too late.”

29- Don’t hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting, BUT if you had to hit, NEVER hit soft. – Anonymous

30- Nothing feels like anything anymore without you. Just pain. — In 2011, glad it’s over!

31- With the wisdom of a Quarter of a century, and the spirit a teenager; I welcome the month of the Greatest: October. A Farewell to 25 beautiful years :) — October 2009.

32- My wishes are uncountable, my dreams are exquisite, my hope is infinite, and my limits are way beyond the stars.

33- Some men lack the art & literature of dealing with women. Some men are blessed with both.

34- I’m too consumed to get busy trying to impress anyone with anything… If they simply don’t get me as who I am, accept me with what I have become: Good or Bad; then Get Out! – I don’t need someone increasing the pain more than it already is…

35- September has ended, October attended!

36- Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. – Kahlil Gibran

37- انا اصبحت اروع قصائد الحزن… مت ولا تفارقنى الحياه… دمعي اصبح كالنهر الفائض, في بحر من اليأس العتاد

38- Re-Establishing Inner Peace.

39- Made of a Pile of Bullshit and a Tongue! That was generally your case.

40- Sometime you wish someone would burn in hell? I wish you’d BURP in hell!

41- I will miss skating, biking, and racing boys in club (8), dying my hair blue (15), jumping between sofas and tables instead of floor (1 – recent), strumming guitar chords for the 1st time in my life (18), partying like a rock star (21), dancing ballet (3-10), drumming(22), Studying like a worm (14-21), having numerous innocent Crushes (16-20)… A Farewell to 25 beautiful years!

42- Want me to be your Lady? Then be my very Gentleman!

43- It’s a Moonless Sky, and all the Stars shall shine. All the stars but mine…

44- Thou dost my spirit like the fire bringing a beautiful forest down. Turning all the greenery into black ashes on the ground. So please don’t blame me for being the dullest person you’ve ever met, I’m only the remains of a shining sun put to eternal rest. I’m tired of this world, I want to get inside the shell and get the peace; of leaning on a man who will face this cruel world instead of me; for me. (87% of Full Moon)

45- Everything is Circular. Days, months, years, seasons, life spans, ecosystem, even planets rotate around the sun in circles. Children with Autism have a weird behavior towards circles and they are way beyond smart. The circle remains the secret.

46- “And as it seems, when you’re looking down at your past dreams… That security lies no more in staring at the stars, more than being dug 6 feet in the ground…”

47- You were the so imperfect person who gave me the so perfect life. This is life’s miracle and biggest lesson – It’s not about who you are, it’s about what you do, u might have been so imperfect but u gave me life – Then you took it all away… 206th night, no closure.

48- The Pain is getting purer as the nights pass…

49- It’s more like this attitude: If something pisses me off I call and say, because if I didn’t call and say, you’ll never know… And if I was you, and you never heard from me why I’m pissed, well: To hell with me because I shouldn’t expect that you would read minds! Get it?

50- I wish I was a Plant, A Flower, An Orange Orchid.

51- R.I.B. – Rest In Bed!

52- If there is one, and only ONE, good thing about 2009; it will be that I have learned for my whole Life to come.

53- Try to understand me, but not too much!

54- انا قطعة من الشمس, بنارها وبنورها. ادخلتني سمائك اكراماً

فأحسنت فأدفئتها وانرتها… وعندما حاولت عزلي في عالمك وانزالي على ارضك, احرقتك

بلا قصدٍ فأنا مجرد شمسٍ… فأطفئتني

– 23 Dec 2009

55- Once upon a time you were there. Next day, you weren’t. The End.

56- ‘The only dreams that came true, were the ones I got a pen & paper, and planned for’

57- “Please let me assure you, however, that the keen disappointment and regret which I feel in this regard serve only to enhance my profound appreciation of the great honor which you have done me; and my sincere gratitude for your generous action…” – Cordell Hull.

58- It’s no Why or How… It never felt that crazy and confusing that I continuously keep asking myself: When?!

59- In the center of the comfort zone, where everyone is evaporating and everything seems so clear. A higher level of serenity. A fearless dream. The sun is rising and I’m on the road to the end of the world watching the constellation protect me. Let the stars within you SHINE.

60- Time is not money or gold; it is life itself and is limited. You must begin to appreciate every moment of your life and always strive to make the best use of it.

61- ”It’s so hot in here …” ”Sorry should I leave?”

62- What is Mankind’s Greatest Invention? Bed.

63- If you’re upset from me personally, then I’m sorry that you didn’t know me and therefore I won’t need to explain myself. I never hurt people. Period.

64- God… You have the keys to all doors. I’m completely yours. Please fulfill my dreams… I Plead.

65- The Sun is out there, shining everyday and from the beginning of creation there has never been a day it didn’t show up on! Doesn’t that give us enough reason to stay hopeful and ALIVE?

66- Seaside. From night till dawn, where dark black fades into warm blue, and the light of shimmering stars melts into the shine of sunlight. What a delight! — The sound of the sea still hit my ears: ‘Surely, there’s a way I could please you, only in ur past lie the tears. Surely, there’s a day u can say went ur way, some illusion u can keep through the years.’

67- When I love God more than anything in the world, I make right decisions…

68- I know I might be stressed and giving up many of the qualities I have in life for the sake of a clearer mind, but I definitely know that I’m not alone. I have God, the people I know DO care, and my limitless capabilities. What I have now shall never be lost, I did everything once and surely can do them again — just need to stand back on my feet stronger, a new reason to move on in life…. and BINGO!

69- Maybe I need a map?

70- “I am out of the box. Feels a little bit shivery um no longer warm! But hey LOOK! There’s Zuckerberg, n Morrison. Bill Gates is there too! How on Earth are all these famous people here too!” – dig what um tryin’ to say? Get out of the freaking box!

71- Amongst many of life’s disappointments, comes the rays of hope through great people’s support.

72- The Blinking Calendar, where days pass as fast as blinks! On what basis have I convinced myself, when I was 20, that I’ll live 20 forever?! 7 blinks left for 26!

73- On my 26th Birthday I would like to thank God for the gift of LIFE.

74- Your values and principles determine your decisions. Period.

75- You are worth by who you are, not by what you have.

76- They change because they themselves are afraid of change. They’re limited and that’s where we should find the reason to let them simply go!

77- I am what I am, so take me as I am, or watch me as I silently go.

Change your Thoughts, Change Your Life.

Coming next (Part Bee).


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