Don’t Forget To Live!

“While meditating on money and luxuries, we forget to live.” – Mata Amritanandamayi, also know as Amma, a Hindu spiritual leader and teacher.

Everyday, the minute I get out of my house and start exploring the streets of reality, I see life from two perspectives. One; the rise-above, over-float perspective that deals with the beauty of nature and the wonders of creation. Two; the real life, the human-machinery and the everyday struggle to survive in a world of chaos, jammed streets, angry people, maybe not that angry, but still – not that peaceful. I watch in silence, I ponder in both.

What is the meaning of life?

Life, can be defined as the state of integrating a spirit inside a body, thus making it alive. That would be the most blunt explanation to it. Life can also be the combination of things around us, composed of the living and the non-living things. In the end, life is all that, added to it the most honorable factor of all factors, feelings.

Feelings equate Life. The way a man feels about themselves is the way life is presented by them to others. The sum of feelings of all living creatures produce energy that definitely affects the world. On daily basis, I go out in the street and feel an organized chaos of  human beings performing their daily rituals, and a bunch of in-animates that help them through all that, together with a beautiful surrounding nature full of birds, trees, skies, sun, winds, clouds and even rain.

How many of us realize and appreciate this third part, Nature? Shockingly, very little.

‘We are from Earth and to Earth we return!’

How many of us get so drifted into daily life matters, that we forget how temporary time is. That we forget how non-existent we are going to be soon after we are gone, and that what is going to last are things that will still impact humanity after we have left with our physical bodies.

“Unfortunately, the only meaning we attribute to life today is as an opportunity to make money. In order to achieve this end, the human intellect is ready to accept any means. No wonder values are deteriorating!”  – Amma.

Are wealth, fame, power, becoming the center-points topping the list of many people’s lives right now, or am I just hallucinating?

Are we getting miserable more and more everyday because material is so overweighting humanity? How do we determine our life’s center-point; which is the main axis around which the world of every one of us is rotating around?

Happiness. Happiness, depends on life’s center-point, we choose it.

When I came to choose my center-point, I went through wrong factors first, until I finally made it up to the right choice. If I defined my life now, I’d simply say: “The greatest achievement I’ll remember on my deathbed, shall be this little thing I gave to humanity – whether it is a new scientific discovery, a nice invention that shall be developed ten thousand times after I have gone, or just a student or child who I have taught a good lesson that shall be handled from one person to the other for generations to come…”

Virtue. That’s how I tend to centralize my life around. Virtue, and love, give me happiness.

Both factors, are too rigid to be gone or lost, and too easy to be accomplished. They create a stable center-point around which my whole life rotates around. On the other hand, unintentionally or intentionally, many people tend to materialize their center-points into things like money, things like power, and things like fame. All are perishable. Rotate your world around them, and misery, at one point or another in life is guaranteed.

What is easier than money, to be collected in heap amounts and in the very next day, all is lost! Or all is not lost, but I’m afraid it will be lost! The more it increases, the more the worry. There more I’m famous, the more the worry. The more I’m powerful, the more I’m lonely, the more the worry, the more the misery. A so fragile center-point is in control. And indeed, a very weak human being is wasting his\her life away.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t earn money to live, but we have to maintain the balance between wealth and humanity. If we don’t have the control over our minds, regardless of what we possess, we won’t be happy.

Perform life actions and always remain focused on your inner center-point that shall affect the quality of your days and the relationship between you and others. Give yourself time to enjoy the different colors of life around you. The beauty of nature, a garden of flowers. A humming bird. A dark cloud about to rain, and a rainbow that arches the sky after. Read a book. Visit your family. Call a friend. Fall in love. Teach something to someone. Help a poor fella. Always smile, it never fails.

“Today we have managed to transform life into something about everything but love. It is for this reason that human beings everywhere are disappearing and in their place human-machines are taking birth. Somehow we have managed to turn love—the one thing that is in fact the closest to us—into the most distant.”

Don’t forget to live.


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