Diary Picks, from ‘The Book Of Nothingness!’

“Thank you, and excuse me, I have to lock myself in. No more risking myself out whenever “I’m feeling lucky”. Here, You can take your trust along, I don’t need it. Put my heart back inside please, get out, close the door behind you, and leave. Time in here, may heal the pain. Hope may bring some breathing air through the locked windows, and unconditional love… Well.”

Trust? Is a word I googled, and when I clicked the “I’m Feeling Lucky button” all I got was a renowned manufacturer of affordable and attractive computer accessories………….


This is trust in 2011, that I don’t need.

Time? The same button took me to the official page of Time magazine, which is part of Cable News Networks, CNN. Time is owned by the biggest brainwashing organization in the world. Capitalism is the official owner of Time.

This is time in 2011, that I don’t believe in.

The thing that remained unaffected was Unconditional Love. On clicking “I’m feeling lucky”, I got a result from probably the only organization with values, that was pleading users on the Internet to donate so it would continue providing vast information for people for free… Wikipedia.

And from the page I read: “I have frequently thought to myself, ‘If I can teach my daughter one thing, it will be the love of self unconditionally.’ Unconditional love and peace are obtainable, but they are only obtainable if I can learn to move beyond the conditions that I placed on my life. When conditions are placed on my life and on the lives of others, they ensure that I will never experience the depths of love and happiness.” Dr. Asa Don Brown, Waiting to Live.

Will that page and these words remain the default for a long ‘time’? I can’t ‘trust’ much, tho it’s my only HOPE!

Oh, Hope…

Gosh, thankfully enough, it’s still there!

Hope is the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life.”

It is.

I am afraid that as time passes in this cell, I keep losing faith in life’s most vivid qualities. As the more I have exposed myself out of this cell, when “I’m feeling lucky”, I get stabbed and forced back into this imaginary prison aka Comfort Zone.

Do you get the philosophy coming out of this?

So what is it that I want to tell the whole world tonight? Nothing.


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