EOTBE Major Turn-off #1: Male-Feminists!

I like a certain guy till I discover he’s a “Feminist”! A major turn-off.

“While trying to play the role of a wolf in an angel’s coat defending my rights, I have to remind you that this is MY case not yours, and it’s at many parts against YOU! So why are you standing on my side if you aren’t adding much really, except some words & slogans?”

Male-feminists (and this in itself rings abnormal in my head) – and I’m speaking especially those in Egypt (where almost every orientation is distorted, trying to blindly imitate the West, who of course in the back of the heads of many; never go wrong. They’re more civilized bla bla kind of talk…) are simply feminists till they tie the knot – aka get a Wife! – they wake up and start acting like real Eastern dudes would (the good type most of us really love) or they continue living on cat copying the West, with a woman sharing the distorted values they have both wrongly perceived about Women’s rights; not the real ones; what they really are, and what they really call for.

I never said I was against living my rights to the fullest, who would be against that except submissive, sick people? I just need not to get them by a man happy to see me walking half-naked in the street, as part of my rights – actually those men encourage you to, and even though it’s complicated because I know it is my right to be whoever I choose – with respect to my Culture – I still don’t accept the idea of my man being happy about that! This in itself doesn’t feel right. I don’t at all mind being perceived as very conservative in that matter.

I believe in and salute Human Rights Defenders, who focus on EVERY single Human’s case, not solely on “female” cases because you know, the poor are weak, the oppressed are weak, the hungry are weak, every single person living in an unjust society is weak. Whether they are men or women.

Being a feminist is kind of discriminating to me. I don’t feel it is a sincere cause.

Let’s take Egypt as an example, with all those people claiming they’re feminists, I still haven’t seen core problems directly affecting Women in the society coming to an end, like Sexual Harassment, women being prohibited from receiving their lawful inheritance in many parts of Upper Egypt, Female Circumcision, as well as favoring boys than girls in receiving education up till this day in many parts of the country.

Most of what I see from bourgeoisie-ian feminists are comments about how women should occupy half the Parliament (that whoosh, we haven’t even got!). Believe me, if you worked on the above more complex examples, the society will automatically perceive Women as a more valuable half in the society, hence, they’ll absolutely vote for.

But how would you do that? Support the rights of bikinis through slogans, or EDUCATE the people?

I have honestly disliked most of the feminists I met in my life. And I’m speaking of both Genders now. They are either distort-heads who just don’t get it, they can’t put their hands on our real problem. Or several NGOs receiving funds sent with specific fields to be spent on that slowly build a deformed society with high divorce rates and children suffering due to tremendous fights between parents, etc., all under the name of sincere causes like supporting Women’s rights. Or finally, some people who had suffered some kind of oppression at some point in their lives, and haven’t received psychological treatment, which turned into a reflex of why not express my agony through fighting the whole society, and be an odd example to freedom (under the term open-minded, which is also perceived wrong in our society).

If you can’t find yourself among the above examples and still believe you are a Feminist; stop using the term Feminist. Start fighting for the sake of Humanity as a whole.

Funny thought: Many men are now scared to give gentle compliments to ladies, because they are afraid it might be perceived as sexual harassment! Yet, real sexual harassment hasn’t ended in Egypt though… Ironic :)

Do you get my whole point now? Feminism in Egypt is focusing on shallow things over important others – did I mention earlier that I’m not generalizing? – so it is not getting the required support from all degrees of society. And many calling for the cause aren’t really convincing, especially women trying hard to detach themselves from our culture, and men accepting all source of imported principles from the West, both are foreign and therefore both will be expelled by a society already resistant to change, in turn, it’ll resist changing absolutely anything – even those acts that are worth of being changed! (re-read my examples!)

I quote some random guy: “Why do I hate feminism? It’s not because it supports positive behavior in women that all of mankind can benefit from, but because it uses men a scapegoats to excuse negative and deviant behavior in women. It is a safe haven for “bad women.”

I have a reason not to feel comfortable with a man carrying a brain of a fake-feminist, while thankfully, many of my guy friends ARE real believers in women, they just don’t need to mention they are, they prove so by actions.

P.S. By expressing a point of view very harshly, I hold nothing against my “feminist” friends. So I don’t expect that you hate me for that!


2 thoughts on “EOTBE Major Turn-off #1: Male-Feminists!

  1. In my country Finland feminism has similar problems. Here it’s not about equality, it’s about women wanting priviledges over males and often depriving men their rights or trying to turn society to all female behaviour, denying men what evolution has given them. Men have different social behaviour, instincts and drives for example as a biological (and partly social of course) difference from women.
    Feminism is a dead road, I don’t think it’s right to pursue the rights of ONE sex, it should be about pursuing everyones rights, male or female. I support equality as EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES IN SOCIETY and the right of men to be men and women to be women as they please. Not forcing men to behave like women or women to behave like men of former times…

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