The 100 Things that make me happy!

It took me almost 2 years to complete this list, it’s the real deal. Start date: December 24th, 2010!

P.S. Numbers got nothing to do with priority.

Here we go:

1- McDonald’s Strawberry Milkshake is the heavenly syrup!

2- Eel, Caviar Sushi, for more endorphins…

3- Supertramp, precisely Roger Hodgson. His voice sends my soul to the clouds. I sigh!

4- Sitting by the Sea at night. I really ‘sea’ nothing, but the sound of waves… Phew.

5- Waking up to too many notifications, text messages and missed calls (tho I’ll probably only reply to work texts, but I love you people, be there! ;)

6- A friend calling just to say ‘Hi!’, a call lasting for only 3 minutes is more than enough. I hate long calls, smart phone chats, bla bla bla…

7- Driving, with my favorite music on. LOUD.

8- After8 Mint Chocolate (the absolute dark-green classic. All the new versions ruined its taste!)

9- Can You Read My Mind (Superman’s Love Theme). Read the lyrics… #Love

10- Blogging. I write my thoughts, because I can never speak my heart out. I have to pour things somewhere before I just – BLAST – y’know…

11- Ashton Kutcher, Mark Ruffalo, Luke Wilson, Christian Bale. Can you compete with any of them? #Perfection

12- Sweet corn. Yes, that’s my answer whenever I’m asked: “You’re stuck on an island with only one type of food\Partner\Friend\Companion for the rest of your life. Choose.” It’s Sweetcorn. Easy!

13- Pina Colada. Cools ya down.

14- Helping someone, anywhere, anytime. Putting a smile on people’s face is a feeling worthwhile. Trust me on that. Stop frowning ya’ idiots!

15- Teaching. Just Science\Chemistry… It is a life time, it is passion. Something not many will understand nor relate to, but the few who know will agree.

16- Chemistry, Biochemistry. Biochemistry? That subject that used to bring down tears of happiness whenever I figure out a complete cycle on my own? When I figured out most of the exam the night before just because simply the Professor’s mind couldn’t beat out mine? Y’know what, I’m humble & all, but I’m genius in that field & I know it. So No Trespassing till I get my Nobel, please.

17- Shopping, buying new stuff whenever I feel down. Not a shopping freak tho, till I hit the mall… Ehum…

18- Book shopping. Not that I’m a book worm, but I still like to get the knowledge from books as the primary resource.

19-  Feeling that other people value me as I value them. Yes, and if you didn’t do that you’re doomed for life. Got it?

20- Paying someone back. Out of appreciation (1%), fear of not paying my debts before death makes… 99%

21-  KFC Diner Box with spicy potatoes, coleslaw and coke. Because I can.

22- New sneakers. Fancy colours.

23- Nail polish. Fancy colours. Hot pink, all shades.

24- A new haircut.

25- Sunflowers, they portrait the Sun, hence Life!

26- Planting a garden of Orange Tulips. Never done it before, but I sure one day will, & it WILL make me happy… Just too scared of one thing: I might literally spend my nights out with my flowers, catch a cold & die… Oh.

27- A sigh with relief. Butterflies. You know those funny tickles you get when you have a crush on someone? They’re cool. So damn lovingly cool!

28- Believing much that Fate works. It works.

29-  Watching the Stars on a moon-less night. I’d add: on the shoulders of the One I love, bla bla… And you know, I always end up on the shoulder of one of my best friends… Freaky.

30- Shooting Stars appearing suddenly on that night! Now I know I can make a wish, that friend’s shoulder fading away, GOD BRING HIM PLEASE… ;)

31- When a Gentleman stands up in a bus, or anywhere to let an old lady\man sit down.

32- When a guy opens the car’s door for me (everytime), YES, everytime :)

33- When a guy I have a crush on asks me for a date (who shall knock down my C.phobia!) I will give him hard time, I will make him suffer, he will still love me to death. Scorpio,, smile.

34- A baby laughing. It tickles my heart! :D

35- A kid showing off their drawing, achievement. And I make them feel they’re stars. Nothing’s worthier than a proud kid happily showing-off their talent. In the future, they become fearless of judgmental idiots, and become VERY successful.

36- Befriending a Patriot. Because they have brains, and hearts. They think. They believe. They’re fearless. And they love sincerely.

37- Shawerma Abu 3ammar Elsouri. Especially Shorbet el 3ads served beforehand.

38- Drumming. Because I’m multi-talented.

39- Getting gifts on my birthday. Yes, problem?

40- Updating my Music playlist. Everytime I can’t wait to listen to the new songs like a baby!

41- Editing pictures… Those who see can relate.

42- Watching ‘Teer Enta’ for Ahmed Mekki… Like every time I watch that amazing wacko, I go laughing like an idiot.

43- When I go Clubbing, not too much tho! It gets boring and exhausting. I say twice a year is Berfekshan!

44- My sandwich toaster. I use it to heat anything. Sorry, miss-use it…

45- Blue Cheese on roasted bread.

46- Maltesers.

47- عصير القصب. I drink it by the Jerken… Shob is for the sees.

48- The minute I’m entering the shower after a long day at the sea!

49- The Gandofli-man! (Man who sells Mussels by the sea!) He’s my 2nd crush after any crush I had in life. To sell those makes you a special man.

50- Biking at dawn. Only in Sa7el tho, Egyptians in Cairo don’t get it.

51- House music. The beats. The vocals.

52- Fireworks. They draw a HUGE smile on my face, everytime. And I love them on my B-days :)

53- Vanilla Coke. From Chili’s.

54- Sun tanning. *sun-kissed!*

55- Wearing heavy winter coats with colourful woolen scarves\ neck wraps.

56- Rain. Sing, dance, love, wish, live…

57- Afternoon nap. That minute I get into bed after a long exhausting day, right before I fall asleep, is bliss.

58- When my students grasp an idea I’m explaining, and go all in one voice: “Ahhhh!” #Heartbeats

59- Acids & Alkalis. The topic itself is fun to teach, fun to study, and fun to do experiments on… #ideas

60- Sitting next to the window on a plane. Because I will.

61- Watching sunrise & sunset from a plane. Lucky me…

62- The excitement I get 5 days before Coldplay releasing a new album. And 5 days before my B-day (October 24th is a lovely day)

63- Listening to David Gilmour’s guitar solos in songs. “HIGH Hopes as a best example”

64- Cute handsome guys. Because I have no reason not to like them…

65- Listening to Jim Morrison’s poems narrated by himself. Embrace me with your love ya Morrison… #YaMama

66- Ritter Sport with Marzipan. Happiness in red.

67- Dolls, Matryoshka dolls, Hungarian dolls, all types of East-European dolls.

68- Hot pink.

69- Absolutely anything with the traditional عين وكف on. Passion.

70- Traditional colourful pashminas with Arabic Calligraphy.

71- Sitting by a lake. Imagining that one day bla bla bla…

72- Driving by/Walking at Tahrir square. Oh the 18 days…

73- Snowglobe collectables from every country I visit. And making wishes every time I turn them around :)

74- Tweeting. Tweet, is my new obsession, tweet is not even a question, tweet could be my flamingo, cause tweet is a new type of Lingo…

75- Getting sarcastic about things people find serious. #Ghalasa

76- Proving that I can win any challenge. I was made to work under pressure. #Modesty

77- Chili’s Chicken Crispers with French fries & sweet corn. Enough said. Let’s eat.

78- Chili’s Classic Nachos.

79- October 29th, January 1st of every year. Both are special & mysterious because I don’t know what they’re bringing.

80- Taking photos of natural scenes and landscapes.

81- Doing a laboratory experiment that involves colour changes. Fascinating!

82- When I get the sound system loud at home and go insanely dancing… You don’t wanna see that! No, you don’t. 

83- Crave’s Chocolate Fondue with friends, always one plate for 5. Heaven shared.

84- الرقص ع الأغاني الشعبي… إيـــــــــه

85- Adopting pets, Fish! I love fish!

86- Black Labradors! Dogs are more loyal than man. So Mainstream.

87- I like Cats too, used to hate them in the past, then suddenly got deep passion towards them! :)

88- Compliments, nice gentle compliments :)

89- Lying on the beach with my favorite drink in hand, for hours. Meditating.

90- Sitting for hours on my “Mountain top” at night. (My secret place at Sa7el! You’ll never know unless you’re really speacial)

100- Surprise, I ran out of stuff, guess that’s all. And I bet you stopped counting long way above. If you’re here now, I Love You!

and… Happy Birthday to me! :)


2 thoughts on “The 100 Things that make me happy!

  1. Wow, u got a 100, laughed at the ashton and bale part , and no we can not compete,guess u got it all figured out, i have to tell u i dont know how you get me read the hundred, ah one last thing, the vanilla shake is also a knock out , give it a shot

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