November thoughts (The Wishlist).

“We live for a reason,

those are my reasons unless God has better plans for me.”


20- Read 10 books every year for the rest of my life.

19- Contribute to education in Egypt, not just by money, but also by combining great minds willing to transfer their knowledge and experience to younger ones, through setting a whole new system for Elementary, Middle, & High School education.

18- Fly in a hot-air Balloon!


17- Publish Episodes of the Blinking Eye in a book, an anthology that portraits a life’s experience.

16- Travel every Continent, first destination will be Asia. Tokyo, Japan.

15- Drive a red Ferrari. (done, summer 2011)

14- Teach a group of people something new they’ll use in their life. (done, so far 184)

13- Help change someone’s life positively. (done)

12- Attend a concert for Coldplay, in a huge Stadium!

11- Never miss a prayer (Salaah).

10- Go on a Beatles tour across England: Visit Penny Lane, walk on Abbey Road, enter Strawberry field, get into The Cavern, put flowers on Eleanor Rigby’s tombstone, etc.

9- Travel to India, and wear a beautiful, colourful Sari.

8- Start my own Pâtisserie.

7- Own an apartment in New York.

6- Plant a garden of Orange Tulips. Preferably if this garden was Home.

Heaven in colours

5- Attend a concert for Roger Hodgson.

Roger Hodgson, a legend and a former Supertramp member.

4- Earn my M.Sc and PhD in Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry/Nuclear Physics. 

3-Stand on the North Pole. I know this sounds crazy, but it is possible, and it is the most possible end of the world I can reach…

2- Watch Northern Lights, not alone.

1- Only One will know my number one. Well…

Supertramp – Downstream


“The only dreams that came true, were the ones I got a pen & paper; and planned for…” – Me (except for number 1, I leave it all to fate)

Time for a plan.


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