Episodes of Time & Love!

“So I wrote myself a letter 10 years ago, to read it 10 years later and laugh; but truth is:
you never get over your first love.”


Life is crazy and it drowns us badly into daily matters, time passes massively and we get to meet loads of people and make loads more friendships, and try a few relationships. We work and travel and grow older, more experienced and colder, that we forget a time when someone came and for the first time ever, made us sincerely float over all that. Breathtaking. The first time this feeling ever hits us could hardly ever be repeated again, the person might change, but this feeling? Lasts forever.*


*A dedication to everyone’s first love.

2 thoughts on “Episodes of Time & Love!

  1. To capture the moment given once again, a man would sell his soul. The experience is truly something that money can’t buy. It’s a bittersweet reminder of mortality. That what once was, will never again be the same. Buddhists say; everything flows. The stream of love can catch you anytime, but the first time you dipped you toes in the water will never repeat the same. Life is moving, for us towards the end. We should focus our greatest efforts on learning to love each other more while we are on this planet, and everything else would be easier to fix.

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