Episodes of timeless thoughts on paper: Life in lines (Part Bee!)

bits & picks from my timeless diary. (if date is not written, I don’t want you to know)

“Cause love is more than just holding hands. It’s a whole life. A plan. Like a painting, the art of colour selection, and the hands that paint the whole piece are what count to make it so pleasant that it amuses its watchers, consequently meaning a successful life.” – from a break-up letter that I never sent. July 2008.

“But the most important question lies in: to whom or what are you ready to give as much as your own life to?” – August 2006

“The vivid truth is infront of everyone who seeks it.” – April 2007

“Let me assure you that I regret not one moment I might have believed-in more than I should, more than too much.” 

“I’m strong enough to realize I can do this…” 

“For a while, I thought that my miracle is being granted, later on I realized I wasn’t the one. I was for-granted.”

“It was impossible to gain every knowledge though it was very easy to feel; that life is absolutely nothing without happiness surrounding me.”

“Swimming among the sands of faith, flying the deepest blue seas, diving across the pale blue skies with birds, fish, and trees.”“Free”, July 2007

“My friends call me insane, and how could I be so; if I believe…”“My words to you”, November 2003

“I wish, if I could only travel back in time, to see your face and turn around mine!”“I wish”, August 2005

“I’m asking nothing. I’m a totally broken person for a reason I barely understand.” 

“Run for your life, if he runs faster & catches it instead, well he’s the One. But the good thing about it: You’ll know that from the start, honey.” – “Self chat”because that is how you’ll end up with a commitment phobic, when you work out well enough to run faster.

“So under the sky I close my eye, can’t see the real world, but can see my own world.” “Only hope”, April 2003

“I’m an older person now, I think… I’m still 17 though. My soul is still so…” – April 2008

“The reason I’m writing all that is not to show how life is bad and fooling, on the contrary, I’m just too scared to reveal my existing, current, inner thoughts I have inside.” – 2008


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